Raising Horizons has been made possible with the generous support of our sponsors and contributors to our crowd funding campaign.

With special thanks to the following:

The Geological Society for hosting the launch and first showing of the exhibition

The Society of Antiquaries for supporting the project and hosting schools events

Chalke Valley History Trust for website sponsorship

Roderick Gordon for use of the De la Beche sketch of Mary Anning

Grant Museum of Zoology, Petrie Museum of Egyptology (especially Alice Stevenson), Society of Antiquaries (especially Renee La Due), and the Natural History Museum for crowd funding film shoot locations

Council for British Archaeology, Chartered Institute for Archaeologists, Historic England, Lyme Regis Museum, Robert Symmonds and Fishbourne Roman Palace, Current Archaeology Magazine, History Today, and the Guardian, for support and promotion.

Golden Trowel Sponsor: Huge thanks to Chris Bayliss, our Golden Trowel sponsor for his extremely generous support of the Raising Horizons project.

  • Bronze Trowel
  • Victoria Keenan
  • Paul Gonzales
  • Rachel
  • Kam Wright

  • Titanium Trowel
  • David Connolly
  • Margarita McElroy
  • A. E. Hoogestraat
  • Dr K. E. James
  • Jo
  • Becky Williams
  • S.L.S. Evans
  • Moundjon
  • Megan K. Hickey
  • A.C. Eggeling
  • Martha Pilaar
  • Hanneke Meijer
  • E. J. Stringfellow
  • Alison Atkin & Dean Paton
  • Brian Kerr
  • Joe Flatman

  • Catalogue Backers
  • Carole
  • Lynne Goldstein
  • Lisa-Marie Shillito
  • Ed Gonzalez Tennant
  • Sapphirecate
  • Rep44
  • Katherine Cook
  • Becca Pullen
  • Daniel Pett
  • Susan Bartle
  • Tamsin Silvey
  • D.Bazely
  • K. Penkman
  • Graham Stewart
  • Michaela Binder
  • Christina Pagel
  • Narnia Lily
  • Charlotte Brassey
  • Lauren
  • Alison Atkin

Prospect’s (prospect.org.uk) members are engineers, scientists, managers and specialists in areas as diverse as agriculture, defence, education and children’s services, energy,environment, heritage, shipbuilding telecoms and transport. Prospect is a non-party political experiences campaigning body, which promotes and protects the interests of professionals at work, including in heritage. It is independent and forward-looking with diverse membership, and is committed to fighting for equality of opportunity for women both in the workplace and within society generally.

The Paleontological Association, founded in 1957, has become one of the world’s leading learned societies in this field. The Association promotes the study of palaeontology and its allied sciences through publication of original research, sponsorship and provision of web resources and information.

The Curry Fund exists to support a variety of causes such as facilitating geological publications, including film, video an television productions, as well as geological conservation.

HAB is a girls’ school with drive and ambition in the heart of London. Rated Outstanding by Ofsted in 2016, we are passionate about making a difference to the lives four young women ensuring that they have every opportunity to succeed. Our well-qualified teachers and highly effective support staff are committed to providing an education that ensures every girl achieves excellence and becomes a leader, with a safe an happy learning environment.